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Created: 20011213
Last updated: 20091116


The Liniac Project

The Liniac project is an umbrella organization which supports High Performance Computing research on Beowulf-class Linux clusters, as well as Sun Grid Engine powered grids. It grew out of the Eniac 2000 project which was funded by a grant from Intel Corporation, but is now funded primarily through grants from member research groups. We currently support hundreds of nodes for several distinct organizations, housed in two machine rooms in different buildings. Each room contains a redundant HVAC setup and isolated power distribution.

We are organizationally within the CIS Department of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, at the University of Pennsylvania.

Supported Clusters and Grids

Access to each cluster is limited to Penn faculty members associated with the cluster and their affiliated researchers.

For up-to-date information or specifics for each cluster, visit the Liniac Wiki site.